About Us

Yesh Institute of Information Technology offers a full range of IT oriented-Professional Services for corporates as well as indivisual, Each IT service is provided by a team of dedicated and highly trained IT professionals using the latest and the most hi-tech infrastructure. 

We offer a mix of global and government courses in computers that aim to create global quality IT professionals.Various innovative degree programmes such as DCA, DIT, PGDIT, DCFA, DTP, DCP, CCCA, CCC, BCC. We also offer good Knowledge of C, C++, PHP, PYTHON, JAVA, CSS, MYSQL, HTML, VISUAL STUDIO, TALLY ERP9 GST, Web Designing, Accounting, Publish Desigining, etc. 

This was the time when the idea of providing Computer education for all and using IT as a machanism to develop large scale employment was conceptualized in the form of Yesh Institute of Information Technology. At YESHIIT, Love, care and quality have been the fountain head of all the thinking and action since its inception. With the objective of filling the skill gap, YESH-IIT has rolled out such programs which will be helpful in this direction and will empower lacs of youth to get employement. There has never been a better time to acquire skills than Now.